Size of SEO Business in Birmingham City

Birmingham’s SEO Market

Birmingham has become sort of a hub for SEO agencies. Searching for the term SEO agencies Birmingham will bring hundreds of results on any major search engine. Why has the SEO market grown so quickly in Birmingham?

It may be a combination of factors. First of all, Birmingham is a large city in the UK and the UK services sector itself is huge. Many SEO agencies Birmingham and beyond are working for clients all over the world. With English speaking talent widely available, Birmingham is ripe with SEO startups. Moreover, once people start associating a certain business with geographical places, the business in that area start concentrating. More and more companies that are looking for SEO work are now searching the SEO agencies in Birmingham. This success of existing businesses prompts further investment into the market, thus creating a momentum. Another factor that might be contributing to this concentration of SEO agencies in Birmingham is that human resource availability is also increasing in this area. As more and more people are trained in the SEO business in and around Birmingham area, the easier it is for new startups to start working in Birmingham than any other urban area.

The Estimated Size of the Market

There is no precise data on how many actual SEO agencies are working in the Birmingham area. But some estimated put the number in hundreds. This staggering number of SEO agencies means that Birmingham is a de facto hub of the internet optimization business. Every day new agencies are entering the market and hence the exact number is very hard to calculate. Moreover, there is no central directory of SEO agencies in UK. Such a database or directory will definitely be useful in estimated the impact the SEO business has made on the British economy.

Key Points

Whether you are an investor looking to invest in the SEO business, or you are an individual who is trying to start his/her own SEO agency, Birmingham should be your destination. As an investor you would be looking for the fastest growing SEO agencies because that is where the profit really lies.